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SCAMMER Pre-Order!
Caroline Calloway

SCAMMER Pre-Order!

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It's finally here! Seven years of writing for you and this is the first time you can hold my words! Ever!

The goal of this book is to make a pretty object that you can hug and display and cherish, while also giving you an escape hatch from your life, like all good authors do. On Instagram you can disappear into the coziness of my writing voice, but only for so long. Captions are done in a hot sec. With SCAMMER we can finally hang out interrupted. (Edit: My Mom just texted me about this typo. Fucking lol. Fucking classic. Obviously I meant UNinterrupted and God bless the copy editor who proofreads this book.)

This will be a slim, soft-cover turquoise volume with a dogwood blossom on the cover—it's the state flower of Virginia. Slightly smaller than a regular book, SCAMMER will ship Spring 2020. Don't want it? Don't buy it! But this won't be available in stores and we're only printing the number of copies that people buy. So! If you want it, let's fucking go!

SHIPPING UPDATE: Our publishing partner has estimated a shipping date for April 1. We will stop taking orders on February 29. Printing typically takes 2-4 weeks. We are estimating Spring 2020 for shipment to be safe since delays can occur with shipping (especially internationally) and we want to make sure the physical product is something we are proud of. ALL orders come with tracking information from USPS or other shipping services. If anyone would like a refund (they will be accepted until February 29), please email for processing.