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Scammer (Peasant Version!)
Caroline Calloway

Scammer (Peasant Version!)

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It's me. I'm peasants.

Here's what you don't get in this First of Edition Scammer: No ribbon, no decorative stickers, no Ex Libris bookplate, no Italian paper glued on the insides of the covers, no custom stationary thanking you for being a goddamn patron of the arts, no bookmark.

Here's what you DO get:

🐄 1 Stickerless Turquoise Envelope

🌽 1 First Edition of ScammerSIGNED!!!

🧺 That's right :-) I'm signing all of these.

🌾 I'm also hand-numbering them!

🥔 My time is a gift I can give you for free and so I shall give it to thee, sire <3