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Snake Oil Hair & Nails
Snake Oil Hair & Nails
Caroline Calloway

Snake Oil Hair & Nails

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Keratin, the protein that makes up hair and nails, requires a totally different kind of moisture than your skin. Oils that would be too heavy, too... oily on your face or body are in fact, exactly what your hair and nails are begging for.

Snake Oil Hair & Nails can be used on split ends, on nail beds to improve cuticle health, or even applied directly to the scalp as a hair mask. The options are endless when the ingredients are this good!


🌰 Sweet Almond Oil

🥑 Avocado Oil

🍐 Jojoba Oil

🥜 Argan Oil

🍇 Grapeseed Oil

💊 Vitamin E Oil

🌾 Lavender Oil

🍂 Clove Oil

🍋 Lemongrass Oil

🌲 Tea Tree Oil