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Snake Oil Body
Snake Oil Body
Caroline Calloway

Snake Oil Body

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People have been having skin all over their body for decades. But some nutty kids only want their face-skin to look younger! Not you, though. Welcome to Snake Oil Body.

This big 2 oz. baby has all the same nutrient-rich, age-defying botanicals as Snake Oil Face, but this time with a higher percentage of Grape Seed Oil--just like a real baby.

So, go on. Slather on and slither onwards without worrying that you're splashing out too much of the "good stuff." This is the greatest stuff, but at $55 a bottle for twice as much liquid gold as the original.


- 🍇GRAPE SEED OIL: Grape Seed Oil is clinically proven to heal acne, which makes Snake Oil Body perfect for fighting those stray pimples that might appear on your ass or limbs.

- 🍃ROSEMARY OIL: Increases circulation and reduces inflammation—A 2014 study noted significant results from participants applying my Rosemary oils daily within seven days. (Gwenyth also uses this in her GOOP “super oil” lol).

- 🍊NEROLI OIL: Rebuilds elasticity in skin and helps to generate new skin cells.

- 🌿CLARY SAGE OIL: According to a 2016 scientific study, clary sage prevents DNA AND protein damage on a cellular level.

- 🌲SANDALWOOD OIL: Damn. So much fucking stuff. Anti-inflammatory! Water-retention! Disease-fighting! Also reduces the appearance of wrinkles by action as a filler and promotes skin-cell turnover.

- 🥕CARROT SEED OIL: An extreme carrier of antioxidants and thus a powerful protector against free radicals.
- 🍋LEMON PEEL OIL: High in Vitamin C and often found in over-the-counter anti-aging products, lemon peel oil also has important antimicrobial properties.

- ☯️YLAN-YLANG OIL: Smells amazing and “according to a 2015 study, the plant’s oils contain antioxidants that can aid in skin renewal.”

- 🏺FRANKINCENSE OIL: “Researchers in a 2003 study found that frankincense oil may help reduce or prevent the appearance of sunspots. This can improve skin tone while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The oil may also help generate new skin cells."

- 🌾LAVENDER OIL: Has anti-oxidants to combat free radicals and helps skin look less dull-looking

- 🧅POMEGRANATE OIL: “According to one 2014 study, pomegranate oil has the potential to reduce the oxidative stress” in addition to sun spots and skin-cancer cells.

- 🌱GERANIUM OIL: Balances moisture and helps treat ace. (Just like the grape seed oil!!!!)