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I Am Caroline Calloway (Peasant Pre-Order!♡)
Caroline Calloway

I Am Caroline Calloway (Peasant Pre-Order!♡)

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This book is my official response to Natalie's essay and the second book in

The Instagram Trilogy 


Scammer was 67 vignettes of experimental, autobiographical prosescrambled around in non-chronological order. However, I Am Caroline Calloway is a more traditional, linear memoir. Although I repeat some of the best lines from Scammer (and I can't emphasize that point enough! I repeat lines from Scammer in this book!!!!!!!!!!!), the scenes in this new daybook correspond to The Cut article. Essentially, I'm letting Natalie choose the plot this time.

In Scammer, I wrote about the moment and memories from my life that were  important to me. In I Am Caroline Calloway, it's her essay all over again, but from my perspective. Yale plates, period stains, disasters in Amsterdam... I don't think it's healthy for me to harp on this forever. And I certainly don't think my life story is best told as some kind of argument of self-defense. But I need my side of the story out there. In print. In book-format. I want to create a piece of writing so that, in years to come whenever reporters or podcast hosts or even random strangers at cocktail parties ask me about Natalie, I point them towards I Am Caroline Calloway and say, "I've already answered those questions. Just read this book."